Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The unbeknownst talent of breaking your own heart

The fault with being a love lorn person like me, is that you're always falling in and out of love.

Now here's the catch, I'm particularly falling in love with a single person, or people or even dogs. I'm falling in love with an idea of a person who may or may not know I exist. THEN, when that person doesn't respond, I become broken hearted, which is terrible, because no one even broke my heart.

So, in effect, I am capable of doing that myself.

This is possibly a symptom of having too much time on one's hands. Also a possible symptom of watching too many rom coms that have just put this vague idea of a knight in shining armour practically falling into my lap when I'm at my frazzled best and fall in love with me while I shop in my sweats.

But in effect, that'll never happen, because if you've ever seen me, I rock a solid oily glare when I'm in that state. And more importantly, why would anyone approach me when I look like that?

Or when I do the thing where I fall in love with someone whom I've just started talking to, and then I become clingy and confuse the other person to pieces if I am cool or am I just crazy.

Anywhoo, being a heartslut, it's easy to break your own heart. No one else, just you and your multiple parallel universes. 

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