Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Longing, belonging

What belongs to you
What belongs to me
Rests like wrecks beneath
This reckless sea

What belongs to you
Betwixt a series of heartbeats
A gathering of sighs
And a multitude of blinks

Is what your mind keeps
when your heart weeps
and your soul leaps
amidst a thousand sleeps

Answer me this then,
Our first rainy afternoon,
Does that belong to you
Because I swear, it could be mine too.

I’m about to turn away,
But I’d like to take my belongings,
Would you pack up my memories for me?
Neatly, with a sigh of longing.

I’m about to leave,
But where do I go?
You’re the only
home I know.

I belong to you,
You belong to me.

I belonged to you,
You belonged to me.

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