Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Have you ever seen the rain?

Jimmy couldn't see the rain.
He couldn't see the stars either.
He could feel the heat off of them, radiating from a million light years away.
A curious speckled warmth in the cool delicious part of the night.
He couldn't hear the whisper of the drops as they sped past him, dissolving into the hissing ground.
Each crystal clear droplet zipping past, as cool as ice, but he couldn't see it.
The grass beneath his feet danced erratically, to music of its own, to a drumbeat with no rhythm, but their bobbing, bent heads were beautiful nonetheless.
He couldn't breathe in the heady earthy scent, pregnant with promises.
He couldn't even see the inky blue night wash over his skin, illuminating it from within.
He could only see her eyes. He could just feel her gaze completely, in all its forms, penetrating his being with remorse.