Saturday, July 26, 2014

Something old

Fingers that tap
That braid
That knot

Fingers that hold
Your face
And wipe snot

That caress
And trace
One two three four

Fingers that push through that door
Fleetingly pass over
A red raw ache

A pain,
How much can you take

Catch the rain
Thread through the rain
Prance up and down
The window pane

Then touch a cheek
Catch a tear
Cradle it in your palm
So dear

Create music
Create memories
Create majesty that lingers

Weave magic with your fingers.

Something new

In the space between dreams &
acute self awareness,
I've lost you.

I want to fill the air
with honest soliloquies.
But I have an audience,
and that's you.

Stop meandering in my
like an aimless penguin.

Be real. Be here.
Let us feel.
Let us hear.

Something borrowed

It's an island, your mind.
By the beach of which,
I want to unwind.

I've embarked on this voyage
that takes me to you.
It takes an age.

It's an island, your soul.
By the shores of which,
I want to feel whole.

I've dispatched my heart,
so that it can get to you.
But the wrappings fall apart.

Did you forget to give me the address?
I'm lost at sea.

Something blue

Every few morrows,
I trundle down the hill
With my heart in hand
To give to you

Every few moons
I follow the turns
With my heart in hand
To give to you

A jagged scar
Runs wide and deep
Across my empty chest

It doesn't hurt
Nor do I weep
To carve at your behest

But it throbs
Oft missing a beat
When untouched its left

By even the
Slight subtle heat
of a passing breath

It only hurts
immensely so,
When I retrace the line

And open up,
A cave full of woe
To replace what isn't mine

To put back
A lost heart
Something that don't belong

Something that
Doesn't fit
Something that feels so wrong

For every morrow
I trundle down the hill
And every moon
I follow the turn

And every song
I write, ever will

I know this much

I have to learn

That this heart in hand
To give to you
I bring every time

Ask all the land
And the sea blue
T'was never mine

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Beneath my eyelids,
betwixt my dreams,
somewhere you are lost
standing there.

By the fuel of desire,
and the smoke of its pyre,
somewhere you are lost,
and I am standing there.

Mournful eyes keep stuttering,
a melody of the melancholy heart.

In the wisps of my thoughts,
entwined around your soul,
Somewhere we are lost,
Standing there.

You play, I play,
we keep playing our parts.

A never ending story,
told in fits and starts.

Far from my sight,
you find flight.
Somewhere you are lost,
and I am standing there,

waiting for you to come home.