Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This is a commentary on the film, the premise of which I presume you are already familiar with. For what the film is about, google it. or http://wearethemovies.com/reviews/radioman

There is something so keenly basic and desperate about the man and the story, that you are able to relate immediately with Radioman. His instinctual desire to leave his past and his identity behind is felt throughout the film.
At some level, all of us want to be like him, be nameless, yet on a first name basis with the worlds most publicized lives. But a sneak peak into what it takes to keep the drama alive, and we agree to be anonymous in our lives again.
Despite the seemingly honest testimonials granted by Hollywood's who's who, I couldn't help but feel that they treated him like a charity case. That their friendship with him was to only further their image as a do-gooder down to earth average guy.
 The film does dip into genuine care from some of the celebrities, and even into Radioman's troubled past, which helps the audience understand where this man comes from. His boisterous ways and a ready smile keeps the audience engaged and chuckling throughout. But the radio remains a steady reminder of the days where he was so lonely that the radio was his only friend.

The film in itself isn't crafted artfully. Most of the work is handheld and, one important guideline that I like to refer to, is that if you switched off the video, you would still understand the film, which neglects that fact that you're using a visual medium. A valuable gem bestowed by my professor.

Despite a lengthy disparaging review, the film makes for quite an interesting watch, if only for the wonderfully quirky nature of Radioman. Everybody in the audience took away a little bit of him when they left the theater I feel. The urge to be a little happier, a little more random and to work what you believe in.

At the end of the screening, the man himself was present and taking questions, and his personality and his livewire ways just steal the show. But his closing thought should be the thing that stays with you in which Radio man says that if there is something you really want to do, or be, just do it. Work towards it, and you will be.

What I took away from the film: Live a little, and follow your dreams.
Even a (previously) homeless man can star in over a hundred films, be on a first name basis with Martin Scorcese and still fart freely.

A charming and fun film to watch, all in all.