Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just can't seem to say it.
What I've been meaning to all along.
Its tougher than a secret,
And more lyrical than a song.

Maybe I don't know
Maybe I do.
But it's something I gotta say
Only to you.

If only I could find you
If only you could see.
What my eyes say
and what it means to me.

but for that you must exist,
for that you must believe.
For even though we haven't met,
I don't think you'll leave.

Words aren't enough,
or heartbeats true.
I got these feelings inside
Turning me blue.

So wander round
come across me.
I'll lean to you
And give you the key.

unlock the treasure chest,
Where maybe I find words new.
string a sentence as I know best,
And try to say these things to you.