Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bug

I'll be the mote in your eye,
I'll be the shadow you can't see.
I'll be the star in the sky,
that eludes you, won't let you be.

I'll haunt you in your heart,
and bleed upon you like tar.
I'll swill poison unknowingly,
ne'er leave a scar.

There will be moments when,
you will turn and look
for a shade that escaped
for a glance that took

your soul away.
For its never coming back,
the sense you lack.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


No one's got it all,
The energy to enthrall
The will to forestall,
More than you can fall.

Now I like you,
I do.

But the vines,
They clench my mind
In the forest.

Still isn't a question,
Its quicksand.
Its supposed to let things grow I heard,
Water and land.

Well it sucks at me,
A whirlpool of thoughts.
And I'm still waiting to connect the dots.

Tracing slowly, the lines on my hand
A gently glinting knife.
No matter then,
What use is it.
I'll comfort myself in my next life.

(I begin and end with Regina. My tribute, in my small way.)