Sunday, August 15, 2010


I can’t see the moon tonight,
you say it looks beautiful.
From where you’re standing,
I wish I could too.

I can’t hear what you’re trying to say,
you say I’m beautiful.
From where you’re looking,
I wish I could too.

Death by words,
slowly, but sure.
You’re saying enough
I want more.

It all falls here,
just right here.
Next to where it beats,
a line of little cheats.

C’mon little forward,
I want to see your eyes.
Do they hold the world for me,
or can they just be?

Friday, August 6, 2010

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

Kya baat hai.

Some rules of the Game:

a) Show off your honesty (and modesty) by thanking the person who gave you the award and link to their post. (Antara, my wife, who showed me how awesome blogging can be. *sob* Thank you for this award, it means more to me than the look on peoples faces when you tell them Edward sparkles.)

b) List 10 honest things about yourself. Cheating makes you lame, so just play along, all you taggees.

c) Select 7 other bloggers you think deserve this award and pass it on to them.

d) Notify said bloggers about the award and invite them to be the honest ones next.

Here goes...
1) I have a thing for Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles too. Despite the fact that they made the letter 'h'.

2) Beyond 12 midnight, I go flooooopy. Before it too. 

3) I like saying 'Bebe'. A little too much for my own good. 

4) Raw mangoes will get a reaction out of me that you will never expect.

5) I secretly liked reading Twilight. It's just the movies that get to me, and the inordinate amount of sparkling. Also, the 'I wanna eat you, but no, I'm just gonna snog you because I can't tell what you're thinking.' 

6) I love easily, I don't hate easily, or at all. 

7) Sarcasm is an art form lost on me.

8) I really do think the world is conspiring against the lefties.

9) I'm plenty paranoid as a rule.

10) I think 'EEEEEEEEEEEE!' is an appropriate response to everything.

As for nominating more people, meh. Too much work. 
Take is forward yourselves, and consider yourself nominated, since not more than 7 people will read this anyway.